“If we are to find better treatment and cures for cancer, we must continue to raise money to help the research and carers.”
Rosalynde Walker, Co-Founder NEPAC


Charities like NEPAC can reclaim income tax paid on every pound donated to charity, by taxpayers.  If you are a taxpayer, and you complete a Gift Aid Declaration, NEPAC can claim income tax paid on any donation you make.  NEPAC can reclaim an extra 25% back from the Inland Revenue, thus enhancing your gift at no extra cost to you! For example, every £1 you give becomes £1.25 for the charity. 


On behalf of NEPAC, Professor Steve Proctor, receives a

 'huge' cheque from Sue Cross in memory ofher son, Adrian. 

NEPAC has chosen as a safe and convenient way for you to make a donation online so please donate here or click the logo

About JustGiving

Our goal is to help people raise as much as they can for charity by providing an excellent service to as many people as possible. We have thousands of member charities although we’re not a charity ourselves. Our online fundraising pages make raising money and donating easy and they’ve helped transform the way people fundraise – the rest is down to the amazing and creative ways you use them.


We believe in giving all charities the same opportunity to raise huge amounts of money, including the smaller ones who can’t afford to spend lots of money on technology, freeing them up to concentrate on what’s important – whether it’s medical research or running the local playgroup.




Other ways to donate


George Walker Appeal

In 2002 NEPAC launched the George Walker Appeal to raise funds for a Research Fellowship into non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the Newcastle University Medical School.  Money raised through this appeal is restricted for use in blood cancer research.  For more information, please click here.


Give as you earn

Give as you earn, or payroll giving, is a simple way of donating to charity.  Each payday a fixed sum is deducted from your gross pay before tax and hence you pay less tax overall.  For more information, please click here.