George Walker published his first book "Cancer is only a Word" in 1994 and the whole edition sold out.


It chronicled the period following the diagnosis in 1988 that he had Lymphoma cancer (when doctors initially thought that he only had 3 months to live), and dealt simply and lucidly, frequently humorously, with the medical experiences he encountered, and the range of people that his energetic response to a new way of life brought him into contact with.

Introduction by  Sir Thomas Allen CBE
George handed me his magnum opus to read at a time in my life when there wasn't a moment to be spared. Rehearsals, flights, performances of opera and recitals, as well as getting together an exhibition of drawings and paintings. He then, as George will, set me a deadline, which brought me to my senses in realising that I had to set to with some serious reading. As it turned out, that was no ordeal. The first chapters flew by as I recognised the descriptions so well of the young boy burgeoning into the young man, into the fumbling young lover and the inescapable school conflict that follows.

Just a few years later than George describes, exactly the same dilemmas were happening to myself and no doubt several million other teenagers. What is it about George? The quick answer would be Ros. To meet them is to know them, is to love them, is to work for them. Today it's rare to find this wonderful closeness of family that they enjoy. It is something to behold. Enthusiasm is the credo of the Walker household and in their company it becomes very infectious. We all benefit from their being and their love and I am glad to have made time in my mad life for The North East Proms, George and Ros and for this second book in George's rich life. The book is great, I felt so comfortable with it recognising the fine North East feel to it. Here's strength to your elbow George and all those other unpleasant bits that give you gyp from time to time.   Tom.

What the readers said...

"I met you at Waterstone's book signing evening. I was diagnosed with cancer five days before it.  A wonderful book thank you for being so special for all of us".

Jill, Newcastle upon Tyne

"The book has a simplicity which works beautifully - a totally unaffected, honest account".

Carol Bliss, Editorial Director of the Book Guild

"George writes straight from the heart. His style is direct without artifice, easy to read with a strong vein of humour running throughout. Compulsory reading".

Bernard Baxter, OBE, MA, Lit. JP.

"George has touched the lives of thousands of people; he has turned adversity into challenge and triumph and won countless friends in doing so".

Ross Taylor, CBE, Consultant Surgeon

"You have everything in your book - there are happy bits and sad bits, there are bits that make you laugh and bits that make you cry. Why don't you write another one?".

Jimmy Brown, Etal, Northumberland

'Cancer is only a Word' is no longer available in hardcopy.  NEPAC are now selling copies of 'One Lump or Two' with a CDROM that includes an electronic version of' 'Cancer is Only a Word'.  To purchase a copy, please contact us.

NEPAC would like to thank David Staward & Wearset Ltd for their help in making 'Cancer is Only a Word' available again as an electronic book.

"Cancer is only a word"